Congratulations ‘Catch The Spirit Of Laughter’ by Mr. Charles Kane, a 2017 Christian Film Festival Award Winner for Best Documentary (Charles Kane), Best Director (Rosie Rogers), Best Movie Fan Favorite (Charles Kane), Best Director Fan Favorite (Rosie Rogers), Best Producer Fan Favorite (Rosie Rogers), Best Writer Fan Favorite (Rosie Rogers), and Best Documentary Fan Favorite (Charles Kane)! This documentary is about a group of Christian comedians who have a mission to make people laugh, and how as Christians we should laugh more – that is a great message. A documentary on faith based comedy featuring clean comedians and Christian comedians who would like to talk about how the spirit of God has changed their life and/or the lives of others through their gift. The credits include: Rosie Rogers (Director, Writer, Producer)! Congratulations Mr. Kane this was a great documentary with a great message! God Bless! CFF